To the 80th anniversary of the birth of Belarusian film director Mikhail Ptashuk

To the 80th anniversary of the birth of Belarusian film director Mikhail Ptashuk

28 January marks80 years since the birth of the Soviet and Belarusian film director, People's Artist of Belarus Mikhail Ptashuk.

Mikhail Ptashuk came to Belarusian cinematography quite young, but already from the first works he gained a reputation as an interesting and serious director. His films have received awards at international film festivals in Belarus, Great Britain, Spain, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Yugoslavia. The master of Soviet cinema Viktor Turov called him one of the best Belarusian directors, pride of national cinema. Bird created more30 films, and who knows, how many more talented films would an outstanding director give to the world, if his life had not been tragically cut short.

Mikhail Nikolaevich Ptashuk was born28 January 1943 years in the dugout, in which the mother hid from the Nazis, on the outskirts of the village of Fedyuki, Lyakhovichi district, Brest region. Childhood memories and stories of fellow villagers about that bitter, heroic time determined the main direction in the work of Ptashuk.

Graduated from the Moscow Theater School named after Boris Shchukin, Ptashuk entered the Higher Directing Courses of the USSR State Film Agency. Georgy Daneliya's workshop has become a good professional school for a novice director. Ptashuk's diploma work was the film“About Vitya, about Masha and the marines”, filmed in1973 year at the Odessa Film Studio. The then GITIS student Alexander Abdulov made his debut in the film, Stanislav Govorukhin and Kira Muratova patronized the film crew. The film brought the debutant director from Belarus two Grand Prix at international film festivals and all-Union fame. After such a triumph, Mikhail Ptashuk was invited to Goskino and offered to move to Minsk. During1974 year began a long-term creative collaboration between the director and the National Film Studio“Belarusfilm”.

Taking a few pictures“Belarusfilm”, Ptashuk began to work for the soul, creating films of different genres and scales– from romantic works and adventure television series to deeply psychological films. The directorial style of Mikhail Nikolayevich is characterized by the desire to develop the psychology of characters, philosophical depth and analyticity. Mikhail Ptashuk was endowed with all the makings of a brilliant drama director. He managed to display on the screen a lot of bright plots and characters from the Belarusian literature of the XX century.. As Mikhail Nikolaevich himself said, “in every movie, based on the works of Belarusian writers, there is a part of me, my mother's, neighbors– people, among which I grew up”.

In his diary, Mikhail Ptashuk wrote: “If you carefully look at my films, you can be sure, that each of them has the same hut according to the layout. Reading the story“sign of trouble”, i saw my house, in which he grew up and from which he left so early“in people”. Saw, how the heroes of Vasil Bykov walk around my house. I knew Stepanida's every move from“Sign of trouble”, every movement of Ivan Batrak from Shamyakin's novel“I'll take your pain”. I didn't have to think of anything.. All the heroes moved around my Fedyukovsky house. I know, what is in the kitchen, what hangs on the wall in the big room, how the table is set, how a person's life goes by day, in the evening, what is the state of the house at different times of the day. It's all my emotional memory. And the further you live, the stronger it works. If you used to run from yourself, from your past, now you're going back”.

The theme of the Great Patriotic War is revealed especially penetratingly in the master's work.. Movies dedicated to her“I'll take your pain” by Ivan Shamyakin, “sign of trouble” based on a story by Vasil Bykov, “In August 44th ...” according to the novel“moment of truth” Vladimir Bogomolov.

The problems of the formation and identification of human character in difficult life circumstances are reflected in the films“Our armored train”, “Cooperative“Politburo”, Or there will be a long goodbye” and other works of the filmmaker. In pictures“Black Castle Olshansky” based on the novel by Vladimir Korotkevich and comedy“Imagination game” lyricism and benevolent humor are combined.

Mikhail Nikolayevich Ptashuk did a lot to strengthen and develop creative ties between Belarusian and Russian filmmakers. A vivid example of fruitful cooperation was the creation of the film“In August 1944…”. The film received the Grand Prix in the nomination of feature films at the X International Film Festival“Golden knight”. Seeing this movie, Roger Corman– producer of young Spielberg and Coppola– wanted, so that his new film about the war was shot by the Belarusian director Ptashuk. The first and only Hollywood work of Mikhail Ptashuk was the picture“June 41st” (other name– “song of the rose”).

Mikhail Ptashuk generously shared his rich experience with his students, actively participated in the training of young directors at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. Ptashuk loved to learn a new style and new technique. Didn't pose, taught and learned. Without exaggeration– he was a prominent figure in Belarusian cinema, standing out and article, and brilliant films, and boundless energy. Moreover, predicted, that over time Ptashuk will be able to grow into a major producer.

However, in April2002 of the year, a talented director died in a car accident. On the eve of the tragedy, Mikhail Ptashuk flew from Hollywood to Moscow for the presentation of the film award“Nika”. His painting“In August 44th…” got into all major categories, but the solemn ceremony was not destined to become a moment of glory for Ptashuk. It was from the stage in Moscow that the terrible news was first announced: machine, in which there was a Belarusian director, ran into the opposite lane.

Mikhail Ptashuk was a true patriot and devoted son of Belarus, thanks to which the domestic cinema began to spread its wings. For his great contribution to the development of cinematography, Mikhail Ptashuk was awarded the title of Honored Art Worker of Belarus(1982) and People's Artist of Belarus(1990).

In memory of Mikhail Ptashuk in2003 year on the building of the National Film Studio“Belarusfilm” a memorial plaque was erected in Minsk. During2004 year in series“Life of wonderful people of Belarus” saw the light of day a book about a film director. The fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for the support of culture and art helped to publish it. During2015 a street in the metropolitan microdistrict Loshitsa was named after Mikhail Ptashuk.

This year in Lyakhovichi on the street named after Ptashuk(appeared in2010 year) a stylized stopping point was equipped, so that those who are waiting can remember the filmography of a talented director.

in Lyakhovichi with23 by 29 January at the cinema“October” screening of films by Mikhail Ptashuk. 26 January Lyakhovichi Central Library named after. Ya.Kupaly arranged an interactive journey through the pages of Ptashuk's life“Confessions of a film director”. Class hours were held in all local educational institutions, dedicated to the famous countryman.

In the village of Fedyuki, at home, where the director spent his childhood and youth, 27 January held a meeting-requiem“Person, who wanted to live and create…” with the participation of the district leadership. After the rally in the Lyakhovichi City House of Culture, a memorial evening was held“Mikhail Ptashuk. Age Man”.

In Minsk28 January in the gallery of the Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema a photo exhibition began to work, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outstanding film director. It features a series of photographs, documenting the film production process, sketches of artistic solutions, technical photographic materials, posters.-0-

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