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The show program «Cossacks»

Show program " Belarus and Me"

Show program "The Bonfires of the Gypsy Soul"

The program "Winning in the name of love"


The State Institution of Culture “Musical Theater “Rada” is a magnificent combination of high professionalism and bright optimism.

The State Institution of Culture “Musical theater “Rada” was established in 2008 by the decision of Grodno Executive Committee. And the first youth gypsy vocal-choreographic program known as GINE ROMA has already won the recognition of a large audience.

Such actors as Kimketova Oksana (a staging choreographer), Artur Vansovich (an artist, a vocalist and a soloist), Suvorkin Igor (an artistic director), Alferovich Tatyana (an artist, a vocalist and a soloist), Pukhov Oleg (a sound producer, an orchestra artist, an artist and a vocalist) founded the theater.


Ruslan Mylai is the artistic director . He graduated from Belarusian State Academy of Music, accordion class. He acquired the qualification of an artist, a director of an orchestra, a driver. Ruslan Mylai has been working as a teacher in Grodno state music college for many years. A lot of his students are continuing their education in leading music Belarusian establishments nowadays.

Ruslan Mylai took up postgraduate studies in Belarusian State Academy of Music. His academic adviser was Professor, Grand PhD in Art criticism V. Chaban. Ruslan Mylai has participated in different scientific conferences, has a number of publications.

As an artist he has been working in different armature and professional groups in Minsk, Grodno as well as in the Choir of Honoured group of the Republic Of Belarus “Grodno Capella”, under the leadership of L. Ikonnikova.

He joined “Musical Theatre “Rada” in 2014 as an accordionist and started combining artistic work with the administrative one as an Assistant of the Artistic Director and later as the Chief of the troupe. Since 2017 he has been successfully working as the Director and the accordionist, giving concerts with his group in different concert programs of the theatre.

The Choreographer

Oksana Kimketova is an assistant director and a staging choreographer of “The Musical theater “Rada”. She graduated from St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. Her original creative productions are the visiting card of the theatre. The topics of her show programs “Guinea Rome”, “Cossacks”, “Bratsitky”, “The Bonfires of the Gypsy Soul” are varied and bright. These shows have already received public recognition, both in Belarus and abroad.

The choreography of a new program ” Belarus and Me” set by Oksana Kimketova for the anniversary of the theater founding is a great combination of traditional Belarusian, Old Slavonic and modern trends in music such as jazz, rock, variety art and others.

As a choreographer and stage director Oksana Alexandrovna collaborated with the Belarusian State Academic Music Theater in Minsk in the play “The Gypsy Baron” by J. Strauss and F. Lowe’s musical “My Fair Lady”, which was awarded the National Theater Award in the nomination “The Best Musical Performance of the Year” in 2016.

In 2015, she was awarded with the Breastplate of the Ministry of Culture “For the Contribution to the Development of Culture of Belarus”.

Sound man

Pukhov Oleg works in the Musical Theatre “Rada” as a lead singer of the highest qualification. He has created a great number of music arrangements.

Oleg Pukhov’s arrangements are the basis of the repertoire of the Musical Theatre “Rada”.

He has taken part in different festivals in France, Spain, Lithuania, Russia, in culture days of the Republic of Belarus in Krasnodar. He also has joined in various Musical Theatre “Rada” tours that took place in Belarus and other foreign countries.

Oleg Pukhov is individual creativity, professional excellence, endless diligence and energy. He is a tenor of dulcet tones. Oleg Pukhov is a highly professional musician, a vocalist, a composer and an arranger, a sound man.

Belarusian Foreign Ministry explained, who and how can enter the country without a visa.

The new document came into force since 17 October this year on the basis of the decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus, providing for the introduction of a number of changes to the decree from 9 January 2017 year № 8 “On the establishment of a visa-free procedure for entry and exit of foreign citizens”.

In particular, the effect of the visa-free procedure for entry into the Republic of Belarus introduced by decree No. 8 for a period not exceeding 30 days and departure from Belarus is common, in addition to the National Airport Minsk, to checkpoints "Airport Brest", "Airport Vitebsk", "Airport Gomel", "Airport Grodno" and "Airport Mogilev". This measure is aimed at further simplifying the entry of foreign citizens into the country and is designed to promote the development of business, interpersonal contacts, inbound tourism.

Moreover, the decree clarified the list of states, for citizens of whom a visa-free entry and exit procedure has been established.

More information in the videos.

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