«Belarus and Me»! The long-awaited premiere!

«Belarus and Me»! The long-awaited premiere!

29 On November, the Grodno regional drama theater actors GUK "Musical Theater" RADA "presented its viewers a new and original musical show" Belarus and Me". A few days later, when all the anxiety and excitement subsided, we talked with the principal creators and organizers of the event: director Milai Ruslan Vladimirovich, choreographer Kimketovoy Oksana Alexandrovna and arranger, sound engineer Oleg Pukhov.

Milai R.V.: "By this statement we walked for a long time, but surely. In the year of the decade of the theater, I wanted to surprise the viewer new program, present team in an unusual perspective. And this, in my opinion, we were able to. I think, that the program "Belarus and Me" will take its rightful place in our repertoire, as well, as well as the audience favorite "Gypsy Soul" and "The Cossacks".   

This performance we wanted to show the audience the beauty of Belarusian Culture: its intimacy and lyricism, a powerful creative force and enthusiasm, at the same time not spared and tragic moments, without which it is inconceivable our history".

Kimketova O.A.: "Yes, An unusual program. Looking at her from the side, leaving behind the pre bustle and nervousness, you can already see everything objectively dignity. First of all, in her sincere feelings, naturalness and simplicity.

Create room it was not very hard, because we showed everything, than live for yourself, and it is simple and natural things: love, family, labor, fun, creation. And no need to look far for inspiration, you can simply enjoy nature from his window, draw vitality in folklore, and walking through the old streets of the beloved city to feel the greatness of our glorious compatriots.

And the choice of program name "Belarus and Me" was born by itself. For each person Belarus - this is their personal images and ideas, impressions and associations, which is drawn from the image of a small country, country, nation".

Pukhov O.V.: "Musically, the program" Belarus and Me" is very diverse. It is based on the interaction of different styles. I think, it may be interesting to any listener, by layman to professional.

Here is everything: and traditional folklore, and popular songs of modern Belarusian music, as well as author and my music. This is the song "Vyarba" on the verses of our Grodno poetess Liudmila Kebich, "Belarus hlebasolnaya" in the words I. Nasuta. I have also used material, which is specifically written for his musical "Lyudzi i ptushki".

We are not spared and the legacy of Vladimir Mulyavin - a sign of personality not only for Belarusians, but for the whole of the musical world of the twentieth century. After all, he was the first, who declared to the whole world of Belarusian culture unique, extensive use of folklore, expressing it in the language of rock music. In our program, the popular songs from the repertoire In. Mulyavin received new lighting. Among them, "Chyrvonaya Rouge", "Take me back his son's mother", "Kolyada", "Rushniki" and others.

Milai R.V: "Overall, the program "Belarusand Me" turned out spectacular and glamorous. Each room represents an independent episode performance elements. but, contrasting in character numbers, at the same time, arranged in a single line and dramatic performance perceived at one go.

During the program, actively use a variety of props (hammer and anvil, towels, stick, shop etc.), which is in the process of transforming rooms, performing the function of dynamically changing scenery. The audience appreciated such numbers as "Kanyushnya i Cavall", "Dudka", "Gusanki", "Horses", as well as the comic number "Bench" and "Polka Guy".

By the way, staged was involved and the maximum part of "Rada" members of the group Theater. This in turn made it possible Choreographer how to change the dynamic plans, use movement of different groups of actors, and create high-impact pictures static-plans Conclusions.

A single word I want to say in the direction of theater artists. certainly, the success of most of our performances is associated with a high degree of impact of each of them".

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