Show program "The victory in the name of love"

"Victory in the name of love" - military-patriotic program, timed to the 75th anniversary of liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders. Familiar tunes and songs, which have become symbols of the war years, come to life on stage in theatrical vocal and choreographic. Students will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the war years and experience, together with the artists different feelings and emotions of a whole generation of people, standing on the threshold of life and death.

The show program «Cossacks»

A vocal-choreographic show “Cossacks” is prepared on the basis of folklore of the people of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. Belarusian Cossacks have been mentioned on the territory of our land since the middle of the 15th century. The most popular songs “Varenka”, “ Spread the boys horses” “Nightingale”, “Chernomorets” and the bright dancing numbers are a part of a song-dancing “Cossacks” program of theater “Rada”.

Show program " Belarus and Me"

The Universe of dance and songs is huge and immeasurable. There are a great number of them. But the national dance and the national song are the basis of all the rest. Folk art is national dances and songs which are sung in their natural habitat and are characterized by particular movements that are traditional for their area, have special rhythms, suits and so on. The national dance and the song is a spontaneous manifestation of feelings, moods, emotions, that are performed first of all for yourself, and only then for the spectators. It is possible to tell with confidence that it is the most widespread type of folk art. There is no nationality whatever small it was which wouldn’t have its own dancing and vocal culture. Dances and songs of various nationalities have arisen from the national games and entertainments connected with religious practices and family holidays. Certainly, the dancing vocal art of some countries has impressed the whole world. It is unlikely there will be an indifferent spectator of the Belarusian national dances and songs. And the concert program “Belarus and me” very brightly and originally reveals the charm of vocal and choreographic folk art of Belarusian national folklore. The actors of the Musical theater “Rada” who perform this program will please the spectator with a variety of a ringing of voices and a variety of dances.

Show program "The Bonfires of the Gypsy Soul"

On the roads of the world, where the land is good

The wagon travels about from night to morning

And the Gypsies sing in joy and in trouble

Songs about freedom, songs about soul…

The new program “the Fires of the Gypsy soul” is not just a love story of freedom-loving Gypsies; it is filled with subtle philosophical meaning about soul and eternity. Every scene is filled with a special concert of thought and feeling. The artists invite the spectators to feel the atmosphere of relaxation and freedom, to feel the special magic of dizzying dancing and singing, it embodies Gypsy power and free soul.

—Where are you going, Gypsy?

—At the end of the world.


—To reach and return…