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About us


The musical theater “Rada” has been created quite recently but the first youth Gipsy vocal and choreographic program called “ROME GINE ” has won public recognition.

Oksana Kimketova is the choreographer of the musical theater “Rada”. She graduated from St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts and undoubtedly has superior talent and is recognized by the choreographers of the Republic of Belarus.

Soloists of the musical theater “Rada” are winners of the most prestigious competition of young performers of the Russian romance “Romansiada” which is annually held in Moscow. The jury consisted of such famous and honored

performers of the romance as Galina Preobrazhenskaya, the Honoured actress of Russia Alla Bayanova, and the national artist of the USSR Nikolay Slichenko. They noted the talent of singers and expressed their appreciation to the theater for their support of the national culture.

Having been highly appreciated for the talent and professional skills, the theater under leadership of Ruslan Mylai conducts a wide range of concerts:

  • The palace of the Republic (Minsk, Belarus) – a concert with Leonid Agutin in the show “Miracle Belarus” (more than 2.500 spectators);
  • The palace of the Republic (Minsk, Belarus) – a concert to the 65 anniversary of liberation of Belarus (more than 2.500 spectators);
  • The concert hall “Minsk” (Minsk, Belarus) – 2 solo concerts of “Gyne Roma” (more than 1.300 spectators);
  • The Independence Day – a concert in the main square of Grodno, Tizengauz Square (38.000 spectators);
  • The international festival “Peretocze 2006” and “Peretocze 2007” in Belovezha, the Republic of Poland;
  • The international festival “Oktawa Culture 2008” in Bialystok, the Republic of Poland;
  • The international festival “Come zolynaj 2009” in the city of Alytus and Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • A conference of bank workers in the recreational and cultural center of the National bank of the Republic of Belarus “Ozerny”,Grodno region;
  • A concert at the eighth meeting of Council of business cooperation of Belarus and Moscow;
  • A concert within the context of the project of the TV channel ONT “Ms. Intercontinental 2009” in “Garadzenski mayontak of Karobchytsa”.

The musical theater “Rada”” took part in the project of TV channel Lad – “Dances”. It was a joint project of the channel BT and a broadcasting company “Grodno” called “Second Homeland”, a TV show Super lotto.

The artists of the Musical theater “Rada” gave concerts in Minsk, Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Mazyr, Grodno and other cities.


The cast of the Musical theater “Rada”:

  • Milay Ruslan – the Director, the Artist of the Orchestra , accordionist
  • Kimketova Oksana – the deputy. director, a choreographer
  • Pukhov Oleg – the sound engineer, the arranger, the artist, vocalist and soloist
  • Shipitsa Anfisa – the chief accountant
  • Gabroshuk Angelica – the jurist
  • Yasukevich Stepan – the troupe manager, the ballet dancer
  • Beyma Tatsiana– the concertmaster
  • Bondar Radmila – the artist, vocalist and soloist
  • Doctorov Andrey – the artist,vocalist and soloist
  • Zhuk Vladislav – the artist, vocalist and soloist
  • Kazeka Dmitriy – the artist of the orchestra, accordionist
  • Kulmuhometova Karina – the artist of the orchestra, drums
  • Sakovich Andrey – the artist of the orchestra, violinist
  • Sevko Pavel – the orchestra artist, bass guitar
  • Filippovich Alena – the artist, vocalist and soloist
  • Borbotko Yury – the ballet dancer
  • Olga Golub – the ballet dancer
  • Gotovchits Yana – the ballet dancer
  • Divnel Ivan – the ballet dancer
  • Zhuchenko Natalya – the ballet dancer
  • Karach Dmitry – the ballet dancer
  • Kudelich Kristina – the ballet dancer
  • Julia Kuratnik – the ballet dancer
  • Morozova Polina – the ballet dancer
  • Maksim Muzychko – the ballet dancer
  • Panas Irina– the ballet dancer
  • Tolstik Anastasia – the ballet dancer
  • Khantsevich Igor – the ballet dancer
  • Tsilulko Yury – the ballet dancer
  • Bury Andrei – the sound engineer
  • Smirnova Zhanna – the ballet dancer