Continuity of generations will ensure the development of Belarusian culture

Continuity of generations will ensure the development of Belarusian culture

27 January , Grodno / Corr.. Belta/. Continuity of generations will ensure the development of Belarusian culture. Such an opinion27 January during the presentation of the regional award named after Alexander Dubko“For creative achievements in the field of culture and art” Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Karanik, BelTA correspondent reports.

“Every time, talking to creative people, Understand, that people of culture and art have fire in their eyes, they also have amazing teachers., carefully transferring knowledge and achievements from generation to generation. There is state support, which allows you to look to the future with optimism. Our culture, art will continue to develop on the same principles, carefully preserving traditions and adding new facets to the rich cultural history of our ancestors. I'm sure, that Belarusian culture and art will develop every year, shine brighter and brighter, because we see the continuity of generations”, – said Vladimir Karanik.

The chairman of the regional executive committee added, that this year's ceremony is special, jubilee. “Every year we understand, how much our Grodno land is rich in talents. We are sure, that this source is inexhaustible, because the number of winners remains unchanged, but the competition keeps growing. The jury every year work harder and harder. If we doubled the number of nominations, then there would always be many worthy people, to receive this wonderful award”.

“I'm sure, that this competition will live for many more decades, because it is in demand among creative people, and citizens of our Prynemansky region. And also, looking at burning eyes, I understand, how right was Leo Tolstoy, when he said, that a lot of things are needed for art, but the main– fire in the eyes, in the shower, because without it creativity is impossible”, – noted Vladimir Karanik.

The governor also pointed out, that directly in the competition there is continuity of generations, and also among the laureates there are those people, who receive the award for the second time.-0-

Photo by Leonid Shcheglov

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