Временная выставка "Художники о войне" will open31 January

temporary exhibition"War artists" will open31 January

29 January , Minsk / Corr.. Belta/. In the Belarusian State Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War31 January to open a temporary exhibition“War artists”, which will be based25 paintings from the collection of the museum, BelTA was told in the department of museum communications of the institution.

The theme of the Great Patriotic War has become a through thread, which goes through the work of many famous Belarusian artists, and above all through the creativity of its members. Some of them fought in the Red Army, others fought in partisan units on the occupied Belarusian land. Everybody, what they saw and experienced, became the impetus for the creation of truthful works, which still excite the modern generation.

Complement the exposure of the photo, documents and personal belongings of the military and post-war period, owned by artists, whose works are presented in the first part of the temporary exhibition.

The purpose of the exhibition– through the art of painting to touch the heroic events of the Great Patriotic War, comprehend the feat of the people and awaken in contemporaries the responsibility for carefully preserving the memory of the exploits of the older generations.

Exhibition“War artists” will last until15 March2023 years.-0-

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