President's visit to the UAE and Zimbabwe. Why these countries are interesting for Belarus

President's visit to the UAE and Zimbabwe. Why these countries are interesting for Belarus

The working schedule of the Head of State for the coming days includes visits to the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Zimbabwe. At the invitation of the UAE leadership and the President of Zimbabwe, Alexander Lukashenko will visit these countries, will hold a series of meetings and negotiations, reported in the press service of the Belarusian leader.

Both states are important trade partners of Belarus in the Middle East and Africa. Moreover, in cooperation with the Emirates, Belarus seeks to use not only the possibilities of this capacious market for the export of goods and services, but also transport and logistics advantages for the supply of its products from the UAE to the neighboring states of the Middle East. Regarding Zimbabwe, then this country can become for us the gateway to new markets in South Africa.

Smart investment

The topic of cooperation with the Emirates was recently raised by Alexander Lukashenko during his visit to the exhibition “Intellectual Belarus”. Developments in the field of artificial intelligence were of particular interest to the Head of State. He discussed this issue earlier during meetings with foreign partners., including from the UAE, who are seriously engaged in this direction. And Alexander Lukashenko is ready to further assist in the development of cooperation between the Emirati side and Belarusian partners:

- I am invited to the Emirates. They are serious about artificial intelligence.. If you need help, please, I can do it. because, how strange, I stood at the origins of the work of the Emiratis on artificial intelligence. Chinese scientists there. They are(emirate side. — Prim. order.) they were collected, gave money. They worked hard. And I was asked, for me to help them work in Belarus. I say: "God bless you, come!» I will date a person, who does it and finances it.


Industry is also in the sphere of mutual interests, Agriculture, banking and finance, education and research, sports and tourism.

Don't miss your opportunities

Taking into account the stable high growth of developing economies, the importance of expanding the Belarusian presence in the African market is increasing. This is confirmed by the visits of the Belarusian leader to Egypt and Sudan.. Back in summer2017 At a meeting on foreign policy priorities, Alexander Lukashenko announced the need to develop a full-fledged long-term strategy for cooperation between Belarus and African countries:

- It is necessary to get away from the practice of working in this direction in rushes, from visit to visit. Следует иметь полноценную долгосрочную стратегию сотрудничества со странами Африки…

In June2017 Minsk hosted the first Belarusian-African forum “Belarus and Africa: new Horizons". The second such event took place in May-June 2021. Officials and businessmen arrived in Belarus to participate in the forum already from13 African states.

In January2019 During the visit of the President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwu to Minsk, the Belarusian side suggested that Zimbabwe develop a strategy and a specific plan for the development of cooperation in the future. Then Alexander Lukashenko said, that with great pleasure will make a visit to Zimbabwe, but stated the need to agree and implement four or five specific projects there beforehand. "Such projects, that all the Zimbabwean people would see", — the President of Belarus emphasized.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko:

— Zimbabwe is our important partner in the South African region, and we strive to gradually reach the highest strategic level of cooperation. At present, relations between the two countries are developing dynamically.. However, the significant potential of interaction has not yet been realized in many respects.. In the coming years, we will have to do this, especially in the areas of trade and economy.

At talks with President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa in Minsk, 17 January 2019 of the year.

Trade and economic cooperation between Belarus and Zimbabwe

During2021 году товарооборот составил 25 million dollars.

По итогам января — ноября 2022‑го взаимная торговля товарами выросла до 38,6 million dollars (157,4 percent compared to the same period2021 of the year), экспорт — до 29,6 million (181,3 the percentage), импорт — до 9 million (109,6 the percentage).


Trade turnover between Belarus and the UAE for2021 almost a year80 million dollars and continued to grow in 2022. In the first four months of last year, it reached almost40 million dollars. During2021 Belarus took part in the world exhibition "Expo-2020" in Dubai.


In January2022 years in Zimbabwe(g. Harare) opened a Belarusian diplomatic mission. In December 2022, a request was received to open a Zimbabwean embassy in Minsk. Opening expected in the first quarter2023 of the year.

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